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*More Curious Tales
from Old Wilmington and the Lower Cape Fear


In More Curious Tales From Old Wilmington and the Lower Cape Fear: The Truth Behind the Legends, Chris E. Fonvielle Jr., Professor Emeritus in the Department of History at UNC Wilmington, explores four more famous urban legends with the skills of a professional historian, and reveals his own supernatural encounter.


Did Polly Slocumb make a daring midnight ride on horseback to see about her husband who had been killed in action fighting for the Patriot army at the Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge in 1776, as a nightmare had foretold? When Nancy Adams Martin died while on a round-the-world sea voyage in 1857, did her father and brother immerse her body in a cask of alcohol and then bury her still in it at Oakdale Cemetery upon their return to Wilmington? Was it remotely possible that a Confederate flag captured at Fort Anderson near Wilmington in 1865, cost President Abraham Lincoln his life?  Did you know that for more than eighty years, 1928-2011, Wilmington boasted the World's Largest Living Christmas Tree? My one and only encounter with what could only be described as a ghost occurred in Wilmington's historic Thalian Hall in 1969, but whatever walked there did not walk alone.


The stories have been told for many years, but what is the truth behind them? Find out in More Curious Tales.

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