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(Autographed Limnited Revised Edition)


Elements of Union and Confederate armies fought the Battle of Forks Road, February 20-21, 1865, for possession of Wilmington, North Carolina, the South's main seaport and most important city. Southern soldiers, commanded by Maj. Gen. Robert F. Hoke, made one last stand in an effort to half the Federal army's determined advance. United States Colored Troops, commanded by Brig. Gen. Charles J. Paine, were the principal combatants for the Union in the Battle of Forks Road. The victors would control Wilmington, the Cape Fear River, and three railroads, all crucial to final military operations in North Carolina during the Civil War.


6 x 9 inch format

81 pages, including new information and images

27 color photographs, lithographs, and period engravings

23 black and white photographs, engravings, and newspaper notices

6 maps

Price includes shipping and handling

Glory at Wilmington: The Battle of Forks Road (Limited Revised Edition)

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